an in-depth look case study

New ASKO Netthandel

New ASKO Netthandel

Take a look at the ASKO Netthandel project, and then come back and read how we did it.

Step 1 - Gain intel

Step 1 - Gain intel

During the first week, I met with all department heads to learn everything about the company, and their customers. We also covered the following important points:

  • What are the main goals of the project?
  • What new features are planned?
  • What timeline are we working with?
  • What tools will we use?

Main Goals

  1. Make the site easier to use.
  2. Implement new features.
  3. Fewer calls to support.

New Features

  1. Shopping lists
  2. Recipes section
  3. Shipment tracking


  • 2-week iterations.
  • 2 iterations to build customer profiles, including interviews.
  • 2 iterations for A/B testing with wireframes.
  • 2 iterations to build scalable prototype framework.
  • 4 iterations for designing each section, including new sections for Lists and Recipes.
  • Hi-Fi sketches for Search, Cart, and Product pages.
  • Front-End coding.
  • Pilot rollout.


  • Jira
  • Invision
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, XD