Tips for positive feedback loops

I am reading 12 Rules For Life, by Jordan B Peterson, and really appreciated his advice for people suffering from a positive feedback loop (in my case my depression).

His advice? Nobody can fix this problem without first being able to maintain a proper day schedule: #1 Wake up at the same time every day, #2 Eat a protein-rich breakfast.

Here are some other good tips I found that may help.

Tips for positive feedback loops

If you’re interested in creating and maintaining a positive feedback loop in your workplace, here are a few things to remember:

  • Be consistent: When you’re in a positive feedback loop, it is important to receive input at regular intervals. If you’ve instituted a new employee incentive plan, for instance, consider conducting monthly or quarterly evaluations to gauge job satisfaction.
  • Set clear goals: To ensure the feedback loop is functioning as intended, it is important to have defined and actionable objectives. For instance, if you set up a new customer loyalty program for an online store, you might set a goal of having a certain number of repeat sales per customer in a quarter.
  • Offer constructive criticism: Positive feedback is more than giving praise. To ensure products, performance or processes improve, each individual should be aware of any issues that aren’t working. In these cases, make sure to be encouraging and outline specific steps to take.
  • Take action: Since the feedback loop depends on constant input and responses, make sure you’re taking steps to implement the feedback you receive.