Case Study Using VPD

Background with blank canvas on wooden table

A closer look at Value Proposition Design. Patterns, methods, processes.

Understanding the patterns of creating value. Design, test, and deliver what customers want.

Begin every new project with the canvas phase.

Canvasing includes:

  1. Creating Customer Profiles
    Clarify your customer understanding. Break the customer down to jobs, pains, and gains.
  2. Create a Value Map
    Describe how you intend to create value for that customer. Break your value proposition down into products & services, pain relievers, and gain creators.
  3. Fit
    You achieve Fit between the two when your Value Map meets your Customer Profile – when your products and services produce pain relievers and gain creators that match one or more of the jobs, pains, and gains that are important to your customer.

After the canvasing phase is complete (and not before) is when to begin the design phase, starting with Prototyping possibilities.

Designing & Testing:

  1. Prototyping
  2. Starting points
  3. Understanding customers
  4. Making choices
  5. Finding the right business model